Thursday, April 29, 2010

7 More Awesome Bay Area Bands

16. Rikoche. Led by the raunchy growl of Matt Barber, this lovably eclectic band of hard-rock revivalists has enjoyed increasing popularity as a whiskey stain on the white cloth of the surprisingly harmless East Bay rock scene.

17. Dizzy Balloon. Broadway drama, grandiose backdrops, and quirky lyrics have helped this flamboyant band take the Bay Area by storm. Formerly known as Panda, a name far too quiet and monochrome to suit the band’s music.

18. Picture Atlantic. Tough indie rock with a strong Ubu streak and enough power to start mosh pits without even putting a single guitar into overdrive. Nik Bartunek is rock n’ roll’s best answer to Vaclav Nijinsky--a man with a commanding yet graceful performance and the rare ability to completely phase into another dimension onstage.

19. Ghost and the City. In a scene dominated by Fever Charms and Dizzy Balloons, this anonymous collective has distinguished itself just by being shockingly bleak.

20. Little Teeth. Not a teen band but an interesting one, this trio shrieks, bellows, and moans over a backdrop of what sounds like a riot at Williams-Sonoma for entire albums. Outsider music for the younger set.

21. Sects. A supergroup of Richmond Contingent musicians, most of whom have participated in Paul Green School of Rock programs. There are no long-winded solos or progressive opuses here, just garagey rock n’ roll that gets straight to the point.

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