Thursday, May 27, 2010

Asian Jew Cracker video single review


* * *

Tano Brock and James Uejio, the two Seize the Sound guitarists who collaborate independently as Asian Jew Cracker, are both straight. Yet their new single finds them celebrating the human penis like vintage Jinx Titanic, singing about someone or something “conjoined by the dick” in just about every orifice in the body. It’s weird, it’s carnal, it’s sophomoric. Yet somehow, these two middle-school-going-into-high-schoolers pull it off convincingly. Maybe it’s the guitars. Maybe it’s the expertly shot video (with a great scene of Uejio either taking a shit or having a seizure). Perhaps it’s the juxtaposition of Brock’s shrill vocals and Uejio’s gothic croak. Whatever it is, this is a novelty that works a lot better than you’d expect it to.

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