Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Message Of Extreme Importance

Friends, Rebirthers, countrymen... our scene is in trouble. A little group called the Department of Alcohol & Beverage Control (ABC) has recently proposed a series of strange laws that target one of the Bay Area Rebirth's most precious resources: our all ages clubs. If venues do not abide to these laws, which mainly have to do with food and drink (e.g. at least half of a club's revenue must come from the sale of refreshments), they could be shut down. As these rules have only been proposed recently and were largely unknown to venue owners until recently, this puts our precious all-ages venues in a very bad position.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Rebirth: WE NEED TO ACT.

Do as much as you can to support our venues. Invite people to any of the numerous Facebook groups that exist in protest against the ABC's crackdown, or Write e-mails or letters to your senator (Senator Leno can be reached at I will soon be posting a small protest flyer you can print out from your computer and put around the city. The ABC must be stopped by any means possible. We need to fight for the right to rock. Booze or no booze, such an act will not only dam our scene's breeding grounds but also be a blight on all our Rebirth stand for--love, fun, connection, the communal spirit, and above all, the power of rock n' roll.

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