Sunday, August 22, 2010

In Other SHE's Related News

* * * 1/2

For all their lo-fi cool and indie cred (opening for Girls and Candy Claws, getting Harlem to perform at a birthday celebration for two band members), the SHE’s have always been a pop band at heart. Nobody ever argued, and on this new slice of cowbell-flavored Rousseau-rock, they set out to make sure nobody does. The muddy production of their self-titled debut EP is gone, replaced with crispness and clarity. But in its place are rich harmonies and hooks that could snag even the grumpiest stonefish in the sea. This song isn’t chocolate, but it isn’t candy either. It’s a bit like one of those little sticky sesame squares--maybe a bit sweet for a lot of people, but still honest, earthy, and natural.

“Kinky Boyz”
* 1/2

“Suck me dry like a desert oasis/And I stick my hand in your private places,” sings JOhN of anonymous electrosmut duo Analoggerhead Turtle Synthesizers on their debut single. That’s about as subtle as the dude gets. Despite their awesome nonsequitir name, there is nothing remarkable about this band except for how unbelievably awful their combination of 8-bit samples, clearly sped-up “rapping,” and GarageBand trance beats proves to be. Imagine the Millionaires as a group of dull swishers out for a night of forced fun and you’ll have an idea of “Kinky Boyz” without even having to listen to it.

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