Saturday, October 16, 2010

5 Random SHE's-Related Things

1. The SHE's played their biggest show yet on October 15, 2010, opening for Girls at the Fillmore along with Holy Shit.

2. The SHE's' live cover of "When I'm With You," by SoCal alt-surf-girl group-rockers Best Coast, has appeared on the latter band's official Facebook page, which is nearing 10,000 members as of the time of this writing. Alas, the cover was not well-received by Best Coast fans.

3. The SHE's were featured on Bay Bridged October 12, with Girls frontman Chris Owens adding his opinion on the group.

4. The SHE's have finally beaten the Psychotherapists in terms of FB fan count. The SHE's have 487 fans as of now; the Psychos, 455.

5. The SHE's have had a fucking amazing week.

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