Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get Romantic


“Luvn It”

* * * *


Romance of Thieves’ slightly left-field R&B has always been a yin-yang mix of warmth and darkness, but on the new single “Luvn It,” Nick Martin and company live a teenage fantasy, reveling in all of life’s glories. “Luvn It,” a collaboration with frequent co-conspirator EaSWay, is a bright major-key homage to Top 40 cuddle-hop, complete with all its defining characteristics--an agreeable chord progression, a smooth rap, a sexy R&B chorus sung by Martin, and a “summer anthem” disclaimer (in case you weren’t sure). While EaSWay’s rap isn’t lyrically brilliant, its rhythm and relentlessly positive lyrics mix with the background of shimmering guitars and electronics to create an ambiance of pure escapist fun. While Martin’s skill at balancing light and darkness has always been a key part of what makes his music so alluring and intriguing, “Luvn It” shows he’s not afraid to step out in the sunlight.

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