Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some Sad But Important News

Many of you may have guessed this, and some of you know it already, but it’s time to state it plainly and publicly--as of this September, I will be putting SF Rebirth on indefinite hiatus. 
"Indefinite hiatus" is usually a euphemism for "shutting down," and though I'd like to reassure my audience that SF Rebirth is not gone for good, there is a strong likelihood that that may be the case.  As of September 24, I will be relocating from San Francisco to Eugene, Oregon, where I will be studying at University of Oregon in hopes of furthering my writing career.  Though I will still have access to the latest music by the bands I know and love, I will no longer be able to attend shows in the Bay Area.  Shows by local acts at places like Bottom of the Hill or the DNA Lounge are the main medium through which I discover up-and-coming Bay Area bands, and once this vital link has been severed, it will be next to impossible for me to keep up with the scene.
However, I shall continue publishing articles up to my departure.  I have just finished listening to Slaughterhouse, the new album by the Ty Segall Band, and am eagerly looking forward to listening to Sonny & the Sunsets' Longtime Companion.  I am also working on a number of longer articles, including several Artist Profiles (which I have not done in over a year) and a feature on the new crop of young teen bands in the Bay Area.  In addition, SF Rebirth is currently undertaking one of its biggest projects yet.  I won't reveal any details yet, but I can only say it's the biggest thing SF Rebirth has done since the Guyana Rock concerts at Woodside International School in 2010 and 2011.  The only hint I can give you is that this is my way of sailing away in style, a collective handshake to all my followers as I go marching out.
I apologize to all the artists I never got back to.  I have received dozens of EPs, albums, and singles on my e-mail and have only gotten around to reviewing about a third of them.  I apologize in advance if I don't end up getting back to you.
I feel like I should use this article to thank everyone, but I feel that would be a bit too climactic considering that I have a good three months left before I head off to Oregon.  I'll write another article after everything is said and done where I say goodbye to everyone.  As of now this is just an announcement.

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