Monday, May 2, 2011

Artists to Watch: May 2, 2011

  1. Rin Tin Tiger. The much-hyped collaboration between the Sullivan Brothers and Mr. Andrew will release an EP soon. As fans of both parties, we expect excellent results.
  2. Tumbleweed Wanderers. It’s been a year and a half since the Audiophiles released the near-perfect Fairytales and Other Tales EP, and Zak Mandel-Romann and Jeremy Lyon have no interest in creating a “Nerd Chic, Pt. 2”--instead, they’ve started an equally awesome folk-pop project and have released a number of minimal, harmony-based singles.
  3. Romance of Thieves. If you don’t get a chance to see dark-R&B lothario Nick Martin compete against his old band, the St. Valentinez, at the GenSF Battle of the Bands on May 7, listen to any one of his new singles. He is also believed to be working on some high-profile collaborations with artists such as Flo Rida, Chris Brown, and Mary J. Blige in the near future.
  4. The Secret Show. After flirting with lo-fi emo-pop on debut EP This City In Lights, brooding singer-songwriter Miles Atkins has shifted to an angrier, more confessional style on recent songs. He will release another album soon (more details to come).
  5. Sam C. Rocker. After disappearing for about a year following the dissolution of South Bay garage-rock duo Madders, frontman Sam C. Rocker has begun focusing more on his solo career, releasing his first new single in years. He is also rumored to be playing some shows in the near future.
  6. Handshake. Although Handshake’s tireless devotion to their music has kept them consistently in the spotlight since their formation, their recent championing by radio station SaveAlternative is closer to a “big break” then they’ve had in ages.
  7. Girl Named T. Another artist who’s been in the spotlight for a while, but with promises of a new Rosenthal-produced album and her new “Model in The Media” video, her profile is rising higher than ever.
  8. Watsky. Internet sensation and poet-rapper George Watsky is back with another “fast rapper” video (involving a goat) and a video in which he does the Full Monty in public, Erykah Badu-style. We’re hoping to see more of the dude... literally and figuratively.
  9. H.U.N.X. Yes, it’s Seth Bogart, and this is his new electro project.
  10. The Psychotherapists. Almost certainly reuniting.

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