Saturday, May 14, 2011

SF Rebirth Mix CD Is Back!

Last year's "SF Rebirth, Volume 1" CD, consisting of a number of tracks by teenage Bay Area bands and distributed exclusively at Guyana Rock 1 a year ago, is available again for free! Digital (e-mail) is the only format available at the moment, but after June 9 CD format will be available. For information on how to obtain copies, check out the SF Rebirth Blog Facebook page.

Just comment on this note with your preferred format (and e-mail address if you would prefer the digital format).


The Audiophiles - "Nerd Chic"

The Big Fat Whales - "Children"

Captain Navy - "Understood"

Cypher Syndicate - "Child's Writing On The Wall"

Fever Charm - "Anything New?"

Finish Ticket - "We'll Be OK"

James Uejio & Tano Brock - "Uebro"

Lou Lou & the Guitarfish - "One In A Crowd"

Madders - "Tripper"

The Piers - "Cadalac Shack"

The Psychotherapists - "PB&J Pizza (Rare Live Recording)"

Sam C. Rocker - "Afloat"

The SHE's - "Your Majesty"

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