Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 Random Things: Giants Day 2010

1. THE GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES. SWEET VICTORY. Long live our little team, long live our little town, long live the Rebirth, God Bless America and the City By The Bay.

2. In sadder news, Piedmont pop-rockers Dizzy Balloon will be playing their final show at the Rickshaw Stop on December 30 with AB & the Sea and another act that has yet to be revealed. Unlike Audrye Sessions' final show, this will be all ages.

3. DFR have decided to fire singer Kennedy Applefield, marking yet another of the seemingly perpetual lineup changes plaguing this band.

4. Ratherbright recently released his Bittersweet EP on Bandcamp. Girls will release their Broken Dreams Club EP on November 22, and Picture Atlantic will release their When Everything Is Numbers EP on December 16.

5. If you can't wait for Picture Atlantic's new EP, their new war-chant-y new single "Guerrilla" can be heard on their Myspace and Facebook pages.

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