Monday, November 8, 2010

Predictions Of Winter

"Indoor Winter"
* * * *

After announcing a hiatus a few months ago, Berkeley post-punks Local Hero have returned to the studio and emerged with their best new jam yet. The song is aptly named--imagine a bunch of rudeboys getting together at a Lake Tahoe cabin for hot cocoa and passionate sex and you'll have an idea of this song. Fleet Foxes harmonies, skanking reggae rhythms, steely quiet-storm soundscapes, and skittering drums merge together to create something innocent and lighthearted yet strangely seductive and sensual. The soundscaping, production, and arrangements range from striking to impeccable, especially considering how bizarre the musical mix on this song is. And it's a pleasure to listen to, even if it leaves you with the weird sensation of not knowing whether to relax or shake your booty.

"San Francisco Winter"
* *

As nonexistent as it may be, winter's still coming. Over minimal drums and haunting guitars, SF chill-garage rockers Seize the Sound bring prophecies of a fairly... uninteresting winter. While the steady riff is chilling enough, the lyrics seem forced and awkward, as if they were frantically looking for inspiration and noticed a calendar in the corner.

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