Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 Random Things: November 17, 2010

1. Picture Atlantic have lost two of their most beloved members, Patrick Chu and Rico Rodriguez. (Chu left to pursue environmental studies, and Rodriguez quit for "personal reasons.") Stepping in to replace the lost members are Ash Maynor (of dark-cabaret collective Ghost & the City), Aaron Hellam (a former member), and James Leste (ex-drummer for the recently defunct Audrye Sessions). The band is also working on yet another album.

2. Fever Charm, one of the best live acts in the Bay Area, are returning to Blake's for a "Black Friday" bonanza on November 26. If you're wondering why you should go... well, (

3. Oakland space-funk collective Man In Space will be performing with Shawn Harris' post-Matches project Maniac at the Great American Music Hall, November 27. Expect much ass-shaking and head-scratching.

4. Young the Giant have just launched a tour with Neon Trees (the guys who did that horrible "oh oh, I want some more" song you hear every other hour in Live 105). They will be traveling through the Midwest and South.

5. Girls' new single "Carolina" has received the coveted Best New Music tag from Pitchfork. We can only wait and see if their upcoming EP receives this honor as well. (UPDATE: It has. 8.7/10 BNM)

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